We want your home to look beautiful, inside and out…

The Morris Levin & Son Hardware Store paint department has a dedicated staff to help you find what you need. Get personal service, professional project assistance and custom color matching from our friendly staff. We carry a full line of Benjamin Moore and Pittsburgh Paints and can tint it to any color you can imagine.

Whether it’s mixing the right color, trying to color-match a special piece of furniture or finding that product to seal the deck, the MLS paint department staff are right there ready to assist you. Take advantage of our complete selection of painting supplies like brushes, rollers, drop cloths and painter’s tape. Visit our the MLS paint department to learn more, choose your colors, and get your next project off to a great start!

We now carry Gemini Sealers and Lacquers. Visit our paint department for details!


  • AIM compliant pre-catalyzed sealer
  • Meets KCMA requirements
  • User friendly – no catalyst required
  • Extremely durable
  • Water & household chemical resistant
  • No critical recoat time

Paint projects you can do in a weekend…

Wanting to update a room on a budget?

Paint can be an inexpensive way to change the look of a room. As children grow so does their room. Just painting the room and the furniture is a simple DIY weekend project that will update a room in surprising ways. Come in to Morris Levin & Son Paint Department our associates will help you find the tools that will help you get that project completed.

Painting an accent wall is a simple way to bring color and style to your decor.

Creating a stunning accent wall takes a little more thought than just grabbing a gallon of paint. Choosing the right color is important since it will be the focal point of your room and should work well with the other colors in your space. If your existing color is cool, make sure you choose a paint that is cool as well. Even neutral colors have undertones that could make your wall look out of place once it’s painted. But don’t worry that’s where our paint experts can help you find a shade that will work well with your existing walls.

Painting built in wall shelves are a fun way to accent a room and bring interest to a simple wall.